Honorary Members

Excerpt from Statute concerning Honorary Members

2.6. An Honorary Member:

  • Shall be a person who has made a distinguished  contribution to Surgery or who achieved outstanding prominence in a field of medicine related to Surgery and is nominated by the Council of the Association for election to membership.

  • Shall pay no registration fee or annual subscription.

  • Shall not be entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Association nor be eligible for election to the Council.

List of Honorary Members

  • The late President Emeritus Dr Vincent (Censu) Tabone
  • Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri
  • Professor Joseph A Muscat
  • The late Mr Joseph (Peppino) Attard
  • Mr Joseph (Giovann) Pace
  • Professor Franco Mosca
  • Professor Andrea Pietrabissa
  • Professor Michael Polonius (2012)
  • Professor Jacques Gruwez (2012)